Monday, February 25, 2008

i'm tried of being the traveling gnome.

For the past week and five days I have been in new mexico, with my grandparents.

They live in a very nice ranch house with the adorable well trained dogs. The have DVR and Dish so I can watch whatever I want. There is tons of food here, and in addition to the wonderful meals my Nanna makes for us we can snack all day long.

Sounds nice right?

Well think again.

Apparently my sister and I have not aged, at all ,since we were six and five. Which is why the jokes haven't changed, the trips are all the same and we constantly need to be going somewhere, doing something, and we all need to continue to crush my soul until there is nothing left except a need for sugar and possibly to attack something, obviously.

The past year has not gone well for me in the visiting family department.
1. Two of my grandparents died of cancer shortly after I left to go home.
2. people who should have been close family have decided to rob my father and aunt of their inheiritance, there by going agains my dead grandfathers last wishes.
3. my mother thinks I'm a sinner and that I am to afraid of who I am to stay in one place for more than three years.
4. My aunt told all of my step parents about me having sex and drinking
5. my step parents then told my parents. the bastards.
6. my ex step mother told me I was crazy.
7. My second youngest sister moved in
8. my third youngest sister think I am allergic to her...whatever that means.

Over all, this year hasn't gone well on the family front.
Oh well, now I know I am pretty much the same as every other American seventeen year old.

Well, I have to go with my grandparents to a dinosaur thing.
See what I mean about the "still six" thing?